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This platform is a space for the general public to give their views to the UK Parliament on topics important to them. You can find a range of different inquiries run by Select Committees inviting your input, and interact with others affected by the same issues. Your views will be read by parliamentary staff and used to directly inform inquiry reports and potential debates in Parliament.

There are currently three committees using this platform for three different inquiries. Their topics and dates are below, if the committee feels they have received a substantial amount of comments they may close the discussion early.

Transport Committee - Pavement Parking Inquiry Friday 10th - Friday 24th May

Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) - Invasive Species Inquiry Monday 13th - Friday 24th May

Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs Committee (EFRA)- Plastic Food Packaging Inquiry Monday 3rd - Thursday 13th June

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to the @EAC discussion forum on invasive species. Tomorrow morning the Committee will be putting some of your thoughts to the Biosecurity Minister, Lord Gardiner and in particular they will be asking about the Government’s plans for grey squirrel enforcement. You can follow the session online here: https://www.parliament.uk/business/committees/committees-a-z/commons-select/environmental-audit-committee/news-parliament-2017/invasive-species-evidence-17-193/

Many thanks, EAC Secretariat

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the @EFRACommitte discussion forum on plastic food and drink packaging. The Committee has now published its report on the inquiry and has referenced and included some (anonymous) comments posted to this forum as evidence to their inquiry.

The report can be found here

Many thanks